Curious about the Future of FMWBS?

In March of this year, the following letter went out to our attendees:

Dear FMWBS women,

As we approach the end of the semester I want to make you aware of some upcoming changes that are in one sense big, but in another, not that big at all.

FMWBS has been in existence for four and a half years this spring. I can hardly believe it. They have been years in which I have known the Lord’s kindness tangibly in the form of your support and loyalty, as well as in the eager faces of the women who have come to sit and learn the Bible in numbers I never would have anticipated.

Many of you know that I began FMWBS in part because the ministry structure at my home church did not support a Bible study format at that time. Until that time, I had only ever desired to serve in the local church, but the closing of that door meant the opening of another one. When I started FMWBS, I fully expected and intended to make it my place of ministry for the long term. I have learned a deep appreciation and love for the community Bible study model. I have treasured this season.

However, this season is coming to an end. When we wrap up our study in a few weeks, FMWBS will be “closing its doors” as an organization. Last August, after much prayer and many conversations, I accepted a role at my home church to build out Christian education classes across our five campuses. Part of that build-out includes men’s and women’s Bible classes. The closed door has opened, and I am walking through it back into ministry in the local church.

Starting this fall, I will begin teaching women at The Village Church as part of my new role. I’ll be teaching through Genesis, and the classes will meet on Tuesday morning and evening as they have at Trietsch. The classes will be offered as part of The Village Church Institute, but they are open to both members and non-members.

So, what is changing? For you, I hope nothing much, other than a location. While FMWBS is going away, I very much hope you will consider attending at TVC. Groups can still register as they have in the past, requesting to be together. My current leadership team will make the move with me, building out a structure at TVC that should feel very, very familiar to anyone who has been a part of FMWBS. The teaching method will be the same. I do expect a few changes as time goes by:

  • We should be able to increase the amount of childcare we can offer.
  • We should be able to increase the number of small groups/participants who can attend.
  • I will be able to share some of the curriculum-writing and teaching responsibilities with others as needed. Serving within the local church enables me to train and equip teachers and leaders more easily than I can within a parachurch organization, so I’m very excited about this part.

Honestly, I have had so many mixed emotions about this decision, but I know it is what is next. My heart is for the local church, and I welcome the support and accountability my home church will provide for a study method and structure I believe in. I love my church and want good things for her. This is my opportunity to minister to her and through her. It feels like the best of both worlds.

Grace and peace,

Jen Wilkin

Registration for the Genesis study at The Village Church opens Monday, August 1 at 9am. The registration link will be posted here at that time:

  • Be sure to click on the link for the Flower Mound campus to register for Jen’s section.
  • Please note that online payment is by eCheck only. You will need your bank’s routing number and your checking account number handy to complete the transaction. Both are at the bottom of a physical check.

The FMWBS site will continue to host previously taught materials. All future resources will be hosted on The Village Church site, beginning in Fall 2017.