Ruth Summer Resource

It’s here! Our summer resource on the book of Ruth is ready for download. Just click on the image below:


(for a black and white version, click here)

This resource will serve as a tour guide to the text. It is a collection of prompts covering each chapter. Our hope is that you would gather groups as small as two or as large as ten to study and discuss.

The book of Ruth is four chapters long. We have written ten days (two weeks) of questions over each chapter to enhance your study. This means that the study will span eight weeks, or you can tailor it as you see fit with schedules. Groups will meet every other week to discuss the text, compare what they’ve learned, and ask questions. There is no teaching to accompany the lessons, but you will have an opportunity to dig into commentary on your own. Our hope is to guide your study with tools you have already learned how to use at FMWBS and to free you to dig for treasure in the commentaries – after you have done your homework, of course!

Scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of recommended commentaries, books and sermons to help with your study.

How to use this resource:

  • Gather a group of women to study the book of Ruth with you.
  • Find a cute journal to use for recording your answers to the study questions.
  • Pick a day to meet (every other week). The study spans 8 weeks, two weeks per each chapter of Ruth.
  • Plan an initial gathering for a meal/coffee and go over the Introduction of the book together. Before you meet, use the recommended resources at com to help you answer the introductory questions on page 3. Compare and discuss your answers to the background information at your first meeting.
  • Complete the questions for chapter 1 prior to your next meeting. Use them as the basis for your discussion time. Do the same for the remaining weeks of the study.
  • If questions remain after you discuss, assign them to different group members to research before your next meeting.
  • Consider assigning different commentaries to different members of the group so that they can contribute what they learned when you meet. Remember, commentaries should be consulted after you’ve attempted comprehension, interpretation and application on your own.

Have a great summer!

The FMWBS Team

Recommended resources for the book of Ruth:

Many thanks to Aina Carruth and Lindsey Brittain for their work creating the Ruth summer resource.